Customs Revenues Fell Due To Taliban Attacks

Date: Jul 08, 2021, 11:10

“After the fall of these ports, revenues declined from 500 million Afs to 150 million,” said Babur Jamal, deputy head of Parliament’s budget and finance committee.

The budget and finance commission of Afghanistan’s Wolesi Jirga—the lower house of Parliament--on Wednesday voiced grave concern over a reduction in government revenues following the Taliban’s takeover of some ports and customs areas in the country.

A member of the Parliament’s budget and finance commission on Wednesday said that the government's revenue had declined from 500 million Afs daily to 150 million.

However, the Afghan Ministry of Finance has said that the captured areas are "second tier" and "low-income" ports.

The Taliban have taken over Sher Khan Bandar port in Kunduz, Aikhanum in Takhar and Dand-e-Pathan in Paktia.


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