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Sarafi.af is the first and only currency authority that provides daily live currency rates all over Afghanistan, from the Sarai-e-Shahzada market which is the biggest market under the (Unity Of Money Exchangers) of Kabul province, & Khorasan Market which is under the (Unity Of Money Exchangers) of Herat province that is the biggest money exchanger market of Herat province and many other sources and bank including Central Bank

Mission of Sarafi.af

The lack of financial facilities and economic issues in Afghanistan is reducing almost 50% of people to reach what they really need. As a result we felt obliged to provide this service to the people of Afghanistan to build a platform where they will have access to live exchange rates wherever and whenever they want 24/7.

Money Transfer Service

Send your money to your loved ones with us, We send and recieve money to over 10 countries around the world in different currencies. Talk to one of our representatives to manage your transfer.

EMAIL ADDRESS: info@sarafi.af
PHONE NUMBER: 0789200000