Afghanistan Exported 1 Billion And 200 Million Dollars To Pakistan Last Year

Date: May 24, 2023, 12:06

Nuruddin Azizi, Acting Minister of Industry and Trade, he is optimistic about the increase in Afghanistan's exports to Pakistan, he says that Afghanistan exported goods worth 1.2 billion dollars to this country last year.

Acting Minister of Industry and Trade, in a special interview with TOLOnews, adds that fresh fruit and mineral resources are important export items of the country to Pakistan.

He said: "The business we had for many years, we never had exports higher than 400 million dollars. Fortunately, we were able to increase our exports to 1200 million dollars."

Nuruddin Azizi said that he has tried to develop trade during his trips to Russia, Pakistan, and Iran.


The Acting Minister of Industry and Trade said in this regard: "The public discussions we had on the sidelines with friends and countries were because of the connecting point between the north and the south that we should bring Afghanistan to the long-standing dream we have."