Azizi Bank Announced That All Its Agencies Are Ready To Provide Servis

Date: Oct 14, 2021, 12:27

Azizi Bank in Afghanistan has announced to all its customers that all of its branches are ready to provide services.

The bank said in a statement on Tuesday (20 Mizan) that those who have money in Azizi Bank and want to send it to someone else can easily do it.

Azizi Bank's announcement says that in the past, all customers used to go to the bank's headquarters to receive money, but now they can go to all the bank's branches for banking transactions.

The announcement states that with the advent of the new system for providing services to women, agencies will be established in several parts of Kabul.

Azizi Bank has published this announcement while people can not receive their money for days, not only from this bank but also from other banks.

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