Concerns About Rising Dollar Smuggling Out Of Afghanistan: Kandahar Money Changers

Date: Oct 11, 2021, 11:08

Kandahar money changers said that recently, most of their customers are buying US dollars in exchange for Pakistani rupees.

A number of money changers in Kandahar said they see an increase in smuggling of US dollars out of Afghanistan to some neighboring countries, mainly Pakistan, alarming that it will further affect the fragile economic situation in the country if it continues.

They said that "millions of Pakistani rupees" are brought in to Kandahar from Pakistan and are exchanged to US dollars and are taken back to the neighboring country.

The money changers said the demand for the US dollar is increasing in the market and that most of their customers buy the US currency by selling Pakistani rupees.

They said newly imposed restrictions on dealings involving the US dollars in Pakistan have caused an increase in the smuggling of dollars out of Afghanistan to the neighboring country.

Before the collapse of the former government, Afghanistan’s Central Bank used to inject US dollars to the local markets to ensure the stability of afghani. Recently, amidst a pause in international community's support to Afghanistan, the value of afghani is descending against the dollar.

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