Da Afghanistan Bank Announcement

Date: Jun 10, 2021, 15:31

You are hereby informed that in order to improve the supply of banking services, dollar banknotes with future specifications are not accepted by Afghanistan Bank:

1_ Dollars that date before 1996.

2_ Dollars that are torn and sculpted.

3_ Dollars that have been lost on its shape and have been folded due to carelessness.

4_ Dollars that have burned and changed color or turned yellow due to burns.

5_ Dollars that are sprinkled on top of the paint.

6- Dollars whose security signs have disappeared and when counting and checking the alarm, the counting machines sounded.

7_ Dollars that after 1996 until now, when they are old and worn out and do not have the above-mentioned specifications, can be used and are acceptable in all banks, exchange offices and monetary services.

Money changers and money service providers are required to use it in their money transactions.


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