Foreign Currencies Use In Daily Transactions In Nimroz Province Markets Are Prohibited

Date: Apr 16, 2022, 13:34

Economists say replacing the Afghan currency with foreign currencies in trade and commerce is good for the country's economy.

The Central Bank has banned the use of any foreign currency in Nimroz province to promote the Afghan currency. More than 90% of daily transactions in Nimroz are done in Iranian Tomans, but local officials in Nimroz say that from now on, those who work in foreign currency transactions will be dealt with seriously.

"We commend the recent action in Nimroz province and call on all our dear compatriots to benefit from the use of Afghan currency in their domestic trade and commerce," said Saber Momand, a spokesman for the Central Bank.

Meanwhile, the residents of Nimroz, although welcoming the restrictions on the use of Iranian Tomans in this province, but emphasize that it is not possible to remove the Tomans from the market of Zaranj city at once.

For decades, the residents of Nimroz province have been using the Iranian toman in their trade and commercial affairs. Many residents of the province bordering Iran are unfamiliar with Afghan currency. In previous years, the previous government had repeatedly banned the use of Iranian money in Nimroz, but those measures did not work.

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