Iran To Export $3 Billion In Non-oil Goods To Afghanistan This Fiscal

Date: Aug 20, 2020, 13:33

The Chairman of Iran-Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce, Hossein Salimi, said Tuesday his country is expecting this year’s non-oil exports to Afghanistan to top $3 billion. 

He said their forecasts indicate that by March 20 next year, the end of their fiscal year, the value of exports would have reached this mark. 

“According to the studies, it is anticipated that Iran will export $3 billion worth of non-oil goods to Afghanistan before the end of the current year,” Salimi told Iranian media. 

He said that recent problems at the Milak border crossing into Afghanistan’s southern Nimroz province had been resolved. 

According to him, “there was a problem for fueling trucks at Milak border but presently, this problem has been resolved and goods transfer is underway at this border.”

Salimi also said that there had been a decline of exports of Iranian products to Afghanistan in the first two months of the current fiscal, March 21 to May 22, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, “presently, export trend of Iranian products to Afghanistan has been accelerated in a way that the country is compensating its export decline to this country,” he said.

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