It Has Been Two Weeks Since The Large Class Of Money Changers Went On Strike. This Institution Has Legal Requirements From Da Afghanistan Bank.

Date: Feb 19, 2021, 19:43

Money changers:

It is always an attempt to solve the problem peacefully, but unfortunately, the officials of the government and the central bank did not pay attention to it, on the contrary, it started destroying and sabotaging the problem. They are trying to create divisions among the social institutions of the people. The money changers have always been united, and God willing, we believe in a definitive solution to justice.

We warn those who try to prove the problem of money changers through illegal means. That they do not force us to cut off our other economic activities.

In order to take the next decisions, there will be protests and large gatherings all over the country tomorrow, Saturday. I ask all the dear money changers and the media of the country to be present in front of the money exchange markets in the provincial capital of the country.

The unity and perseverance of the money changers' guarantor guarantees our victory

Tomorrow Date Saturday

In front of Shahzadeh House in the center and in front of other markets in the provinces of the country

Chairman of the National Council of Money Changers


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