Since 1396, The Government Has Spent 5 Billion Afghanis More Than The Approved Budget Code 91

Date: Jan 13, 2021, 13:57

According to the members of the parliament, in 1397, the budget for code91 was 1 billion and 300 million Afghanis and its over spent amount is 1 billion and 720 million.

According to reports and information provided by the Finance and Budget Commission of the House of Representatives, in the fiscal years 1396, 1397 and 1398, the government has spent nearly five billion Afghanis based on Code 91 more than the budget approved on this code.


 At least Afs3 billion ($38.9 million) has been spent through Code 91 funds during former acting finance minister Mohammad Humayun Qayoumi’s leadership, something that has raised questions.  

According to the details provided by the finance and budget committee of the parliament, the allocated budget for Code 91 in the  1396 fiscal year  (2017) was Afs1.3 billion ($16.8 million) and it spent an additional Afs 1.499 million ($19.4 million), the budget for the code in  1397 fiscal year  (2018) was Afs1.3 billion ($16.8 million) and it spent an additional Afs 1.720 billion ($22.3 million) and the budget for the code in  1398 fiscal year  (2019) was ($12.9 million) and an additional Afs 1.830 billion ($23.7 million) was spent under the budget. 

However, the information shows that the government has saved Afs100 million ($1.2 million) in the last fiscal year of  1399 (2020) from an allocated budget of Afs1.1 billion ($14.2 million). 

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