The Boeing 777X (the World's Longest-range Aircraft) Made Its Maiden Voyage

Date: Nov 13, 2021, 12:57

The Boeing 777X, the world's longest-range aircraft, made its first long voyage.

Boeing has been developing the world's most advanced civilian aircraft for several years. However, the introduction and flight of the Boeing 777X was delayed for more than a year due to the Corona, as well as the crash and safety crisis of the Boeing 737 Max. But finally the plane was able to make its first long-haul flight between Seattle and Dubai without any stops.

The journey took about 15 hours. Boeing said that during this long journey, everything was carefully controlled and tested.

This aircraft is on its first trip to the UAE because Emirates is the largest buyer of this aircraft model in the world. The company has ordered more than 126 Boeing 777 Xs.

The most powerful engine in the world, made by General Electric, was used in the Boeing 777X. In addition to the powerful engine, the wings and fuselage are also very creatively and functionally designed.

The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. This feature, previously used in military aircraft, allows aircraft to be parked in a smaller space.

With one refueling, the 777X can fly 17,000 kilometers and carries about 400 passengers on this refueling flight.

The length of this aviation giant is 76 meters. Because of its low fuel consumption and two engines, Boeing thinks the aircraft could be a lifeline after the Corona crisis.