Afghan Traders Complain That The Spin Boldak-Chaman Highway Is Blocked

Date: Oct 07, 2021, 11:19

Traders in Kandahar province say millions of afghanis will be lost if the Spin Boldak-Chaman road is not reopened soon.

Abdul Baqi Bina, deputy head of the Kandahar Chamber of Commerce, said yesterday (Wednesday, October 6): "Our trucks full of dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables have stopped. There are a lot of trucks carrying onions. "

The Spin Boldak-Chaman highway has been closed since Monday.

Afghan traders complain that the Spin Boldak-Chaman highway is blocked.

The Kandahar provincial administration said in a statement that the Pakistani side had blocked the road by creating problems at the Spin Boldak Gate. The Taliban did not say what the problems were, but said they were in talks with the Pakistani side.

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