Coal Price Has Increased Due To The Custom Tariffs

Date: Jul 18, 2022, 12:34

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum says that the increase in the customs tariff on the export of Afghan coal has increased its price in Pakistan's markets up to 80 dollars per ton.

According to Ismatullah Burhani, the export of Afghan coal has not been contracted with any country.

Ismatullah Burhan, the spokesman of the ministry, says that the price of Afghan coal is still low compared to the other countries coal exports in the Pakistani market.

The increase in the price of Afghan coal has worried Islamabad, and Pakistani media reported that a delegation from Pakistan, led by the country's commerce minister, is expected to arrive in Kabul on Sunday.

Based on the information of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Afghanistan nearly ten thousand tons of coal is exporting to Pakistan daily.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade says that the ministry is trying to trade Afghanistan's coal exports in dollars.

Based on the information of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, there are eighty coal mines in Afghanistan, and coal is currently extracted from only seventeen of those mines.


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