The Buy And Sale Prices Of Houses And Cars In Kabul Have Been Reduced By 50%

Date: Oct 09, 2021, 13:33

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment says that with the Taliban taking control of the country, the price of cars and houses has dropped dramatically in the country.

"Cars prices have dropped by a total of 50 percent, especially small cars. The price of cars are calculating in dollars, because the dollar is declining in Afghanistan, so prices have gone down," Mr Alokozai said.

He added that houses that had been rented for $ 1,000 in Kabul in recent months are now being rented for half that amount.

Mr Alokozai blamed falling car and house prices on the country, a shortage of dollars, people fleeing Afghanistan and unemployment, saying the ambiguous political situation in the country had cost millions of dollars.

Some Kabul residents say they are skeptical of Afghanistan's future, so many people want to leave the country by selling houses and furniture.

Currently, old household goods markets have been set up in many parts of Kabul and people buy and sell them in these markets.

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