Officials Of Da Afghanistan Bank Say That The Process Of Exchanging 10-Afghani And 20-Afghani Banknotes Has Started In Herat And Will Continue For A Month

Date: Jun 18, 2023, 12:16

According to the officials of Da Afghanistan Bank, all the people of Herat can go to all the banks of this province (Pashtni Bank, Azizi Bank, Ghazanfar Bank, Islami Bank, Miwand Bank, Navi Kabul Bank, AIB Bank, agencies of Da Afghanistan Bank, Al Falah Bank, Afghan United Bank, Microfinance, and Melli Bank) to exchange 10 and 20 Afghani banknotes and can convert up to 10,000 Afghanis with the existence of a citizenship card.


Also, people who have more than ten thousand Afghanis worth of worn-out money can hand over their taxes or water and electricity bills.


For the sake of convenience, many companies and other individuals can transfer their cash money to their accounts so that the money does not remain with the owner.


This process is implemented by Da Afghanistan Bank, and its main goal is to collect all the 10 and 20 Afghanis' cash.


In exchange for money conversion, no commission is charged by any bank.

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